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❶The tech arrives only to tell me that the repair parts for my TV were misplaced and he could not do anything.

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The Email Address to Send Email to Capital One Sony Card:
178 Sony Cameras Consumer Reviews and Complaints

In 4 month ago we bought a 55 inch Sony from [Best Buy] with one year warranty, after few days we started to notice two white spots, after once in while the white spots became longer until we have half picture, we called Best Buy, we was advised to contact Sony which we did. A female voice responded, she asked us to do few things with the original remote control, nothing happened.

We received the e-mail and what they asked us to do To take 3 photos, 1st photo the TV showing its four corners, 2nd photo the serial number on the back of the TV which was hold on the wall by a bracket, it was very difficult to take the number, 3rd photo of the receipt, attaching them to an e-mail and to wait 4 working days, we did but we didn't hear from them! We kept sending emails and make phone calls Until one day a rude mean person called, accusing us that we broke the screen, I asked him, "Please let me talk another person.

Sony use to be my favorite brand, now it is the worst company on earth, then we bought a 55 inch Samsung from Costco, today we hired a professional to put it on the wall, it is working so far so good, cross your fingers, is there a nice person can advice me what to do? Many thanks in advance They were used only while at the gym. Monday they were fine, Tuesday one of the posts holding the earbud was gone.

I have no idea how this happened, but I do know I did nothing to damage them. Called Sony and was told they were "damaged" and not covered by warranty. It appears they make the determination as to what is damaged and I have no say. If I had damaged them I would not have called. My concern that the product may have been poorly made had no impact. Playstations can fill your room with smoke and reset the houses breakers, have almost had my home burn down because of Sony products. Would give less than 1 star if possible.

Sounded good, but broke after 3 months. SONY insisted on having it repaired, rather than replacing. Got it back with new motherboard. Lasted 4 months then stopped working with same problem. Sony again refused to replace it, and insisted that I send it for repair. Terrible, rude customer service. Warranty is running out, and I don't expect it to last much past warranty. Sony just updated my Sony Bravia tv. Now it will not connect to the internet.

No Netflix or anything else. They break their tv's for filthy money! Called support line, 4 times, at 30 to 45 min.

Problem is still not resolved, I will be returning the product to the store and purchasing another brand. The first time I played a PlayStation was Since I got my own console a couple of years later, PlayStation has been my console of choice. I have owned every iteration of PlayStation since, despite most of my friends switching over to Xbox, because Sony always treated me right and I preferred the exclusives PlayStation had to offer. Whenever I had an issue or a question, Sony was easy to contact and treated me like the loyal customer I have been all these years.

This all changed last week. I had opted out of auto-renewal for PlayStation Plus twice during , as Plus is a gift I often receive for Christmas. I input the code, continued using Plus, and thought all was well. PlayStation, simply put, would not refund the charge. On my way to work I called Sony customer service, thinking there had been a mistake I have had a PlayStation account since the service was originally created on PS3 and had never taken any action for which I should receive discipline.

I explained that I had opted out of auto-renewal and the charge was not authorized. The agent acknowledged this, and then stated that regardless it is against the terms of service to dispute any charge taken by PlayStation, and that the charge would have to be repaid for the ban to be lifted. At this point I felt betrayed and was completely irate. I had just gotten to work, so I decided to sit on it for a bit, and late in the day decided to reach out via chat to see if maybe another agent would better serve me.

The agent could not, so I decided to pay the charge for now and call to argue later over possible compensation. After work, I drove to Wal-Mart to buy the cards needed. I checked my email, and no email was ever sent. The agent assured me he would send me the link, and once I input the cards the account would be unbanned within 24 hours. The email, which I received when I got home, confirmed the 24 turnaround time.

I input the cards and submitted them, then tried to erase this whole situation from my mind for the rest of the night. The following night, just after 8 pm, I logged into my PlayStation account, and I was still banned.

At this point I was in complete disbelief. My disbelief grew exponentially when I went to play one of my games offline and realized that every game I had ever purchased through PlayStation was locked.

I frankly do not understand how a company can treat any customer this way, especially one who has been with the company for the majority of his life. Even further, I do not understand how A PlayStation can take an unauthorized charge, state it is non-refundable, and ban the account for disputing it, and B lock every single game that was purchased because of it.

Again, these are games I have already paid for! I encourage anyone reading this to share the story so that others do not fall victim to a company that not only mistreats the customers that keep them afloat, but also very realistically could be operating outside the law. Thank you for reading, and I hope this story will help inform your game purchasing decisions in the future. At the time, I was hesitant to do so.

Not only because I had never spent such a large sum of money on a piece of Stereo Equipment, but also because there are so many different options, reviews and opinions. Recently, that Sony receiver went into "Protector Mode" and essentially stopped working. At first, I was very disappointed after spending what I perceived as a lot of money on the product. Then, while shopping for a new receiver, I was notified of Sony's 5 year warranty. My experience could not have been better.

It was easy, helpful, and all of my issues and concerns were resolved beyond my expectations. So much in fact that I felt compelled to write this and other reviews. After calling Sony, I was quickly speaking with an actual customer service representative that listened to my problems.

I was then transferred to a Technician to discuss my issue and was given helpful advice. I was then quickly sent an email confirming my service repair and sent a shipping label. Within a few days of shipping my receiver to the repair center, I was notified that the required parts were back-ordered. I am by no means an Audiophile a want to be at best or an electrical or sound engineer. If you do enough research on the internet, you will undoubtedly read reviews that suggest that there is better quality stereo equipment than the Sony receiver I purchased.

I will continue to purchase and stand behind Sony. So I had my PS4 sent out to Sony for repair because it was giving me problems with error codes and would work. It took more than I week for them to send it back, I got my confirmation email that my unit was on its way and when it got here I received an empty box that had minimum tape on one side and looked like it had been opened prior to getting to me, I have no idea what happened to my ps4 and after contacting sony they seem to feel the same way.

So now according to them I have to wait 16 to 17 days before I hear back from them about what happened and as of right now I'm just here with no Ps4 and not knowing what is going on. Unacceptable and they can forget about me buying any more sony products or suggesting people I know to buy them. Sony practices predatory billing. I bought 1 month online access only as I could only use 3 weeks.

I did not see or agree to any auto billing. I found that my card had been charged again. I immediately tried to get Sony to cancel and refund and was unable to communicate with them due to constant very long hold times.

I disputed the charge and they lost the chargeback dispute. A year later I buy a video game and I cannot use it due to it requires online access through Sony.

I try to log in expecting to have to buy access but my account is banned. Sony wants to be paid for the month they billed against my card without permission and for the dispute they already lost! Again I tried to contact Sony. I waited through over clients in front of me. Nearly an hour later I get tech support. We passed the issue back and forth politely about 10 times but the end answer from the Sony rep was tough.

It is about what's right and what's not. I returned the video game. I will never buy anything with the Sony name on it again. I have to keep a small flashlight near the unit so I can see where to adjust the volume or any other setting.

Thank goodness there is a small light to indicate where the power button is located. Everything else is found by fumbling in the dark. Too bad cause otherwise very happy with the sound it produces -- just can't see a damn thing on the control panel. I pre-ordered a game on the PlayStation store, but it was the wrong version of the product I wanted to order they have various different versions - standard, deluxe, super deluxe, etc.

I just wanted a different version of the game I pre-ordered but Sony refused to let me do the change.

The game doesn't even come out for another 2 months. I have not used this product at all. It's currently impossible for me to use the product, but Sony still won't let me change to the version of the product I wanted. There's a slight difference in price but I offered to accept the difference in the form of a store credit, and still Sony refused.

It's ridiculous that I can't get a refund for a product I don't even own yet! This is one of the most consumer unfriendly practices I can imagine. I had the item in my cart and was adding a credit card putting in the information when the screen froze and I had to exit the store. I went back into the store to checkout and the price had changed. I immediately called customer support and they took a long time to respond, then when I was on the line the representative just kept repeating they couldn't help me, blatantly said it was my fault for not buying the item sooner, and refused to let me complete my purchase at the discounted price.

I spoke with several managers who admitted that they could change the price, or offer a discount or coupon or add funds to my wallet but that they wouldn't. They just kept repeating, "We can't do that.

It's like if you're giving your credit card and there's a glitch on the store's end then you are expected to pay more because their system froze on me. They promised me in the feature a firmware update for HDMi 2. Which is missing in my projector. I have written Sony a few times, end last year and this year. And they have no answer. Once again Sony can you sent a firmware update for this projector the LSPX-W1, I think must be no problem for you, and will make the few owners happy.

Sony is the worst product and after customer service I ever seen, my headphone start to break after few months!!! Please indulge me while I rant I purchased a Sony Bravia smart tv in For the last 4 months I have had nothing but trouble with it, with very little satisfaction from Sony I bought with the TV warranty is barely up.

I also bought a Sony blu-ray player , which I had to return, because it was incompatible with my soundbar. Which I bought less than 2 years ago. Sony sucks, buyers beware! Just got around to try and hook up Netflix and have lost my remote.

So went to contact Sony. Extremely difficult to follow the links to get to help - when I did, realized it was off-shore as the dialect very difficult to understand short and crisp and was simply led back into the online quagmire. I rate businesses by their support - i.

Now I know I will not purchase any Sony product regardless of how good it might be rated - and I imagine I'm not the only one. SELP Camera - 2 months ago I purchased a Sony camera and today the small lens has stopped being recognized by the camera. I've tried all the steps I could honestly think of and even those I found online as suggestions.

This person, after just taking my name and model of my camera, placed me on a 6 minute hold, to then come back to me and tell me that he "needed to transfer me to another department".

I requested to speak to a supervisor and I was advised that I could not, since he was not allowed to transfer me to a supervisor. I bought my first Sony TV in In I bought my last one. It stopped loading YouTube videos recently and it has taken about a month to get to the bottom of the problem and it wasn't Sony who told me reason and the situation. Sony TV's do not interface well with YouTube and in fact everything sold before is just out of luck.

My TV worked as it was a later model, although it was cumbersome and clumsily slow when using the internet and it is even directly wired to my ISP and has the correct and updated software. Sony representatives NEVER explained the real situation to me, they just wanted me to waste my time and frustration doing troubleshooting that was futile and worthless. Yesterday I spent over 7 hours either on the phone with or trying to converse with Sony "chat" tech support.

Words cannot describe my frustration at the utter apathy and lack of caring for customers spit out in my direction. The "chat" session I resorted to after I was told a tech rep would call me back at my phone number and never did to help me solve my problem.

The representatives I actually talked with on the phone had no command whatsoever of the English language and could not possibly understand my clearly spoken American English words and sentences. I asked them who told them they could speak English and none of them answered. Prior to the "chat" I had done everything I could find in the way of troubleshooting on the TV from the internet, Sony website, Operating Instructions booklet, etc.

Then the "chat" tech guided me through the same steps I had already done so many times before. I repeated ALL of them at least three times and nothing changed, nothing was fixed. The "chat" rep told me he would be able to fix my problem and he would work with me until it was done. Well after about 2 hours of the "chat" which would have taken about 15 minutes maximum if by phone , the problem was not fixed. Pick up your phone and call Capital One Sony Card on the specified contact number.

Capital One Sony Card is the card that allows the customers earn Reward points towards the favorite Sony Products with no annual fee and can get fifty dollar credit on Sony card statement after the first investment of the customer. Customers can earn points towards Sony products with every Sony Card investment. Capital One Sony Card Rewards 1. Earn five thousand bonus points after first investment in the first 90 days.

Five points per one dollar at Sony Store and Store. Three points per one dollar on Dining out and movie investments. One point per one dollar spent on all other investments. Redeem for Sony products, movies, music and much more. About Capital One Capital One is a expanded bank that provides a broad array of commercial products and services to customers, small businesses, financial clients.

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