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In this clip from Felt comfortable since every tutor is a certified teacher, so I know they know wh…. Its sad that i have to leave this year! It's a very small school; however, very courteous staff including Vice Principal and Principal. The school has been around for many years before I…. Jackson Andrew School is one of the best schools. The teachers care about their students. My son has been in this school for one year 8th grade. My highly intellegent daughter was just enrolled in Germantown Settlement and by far she has learned more than she ever did in her old high prised c….

Caring, truly child-centered, and authentic. It really is a different school than the one we knew. The efforts being made are he…. Delta is an approved private school in the northeast helping special needs children since Delta is a wonderful caring place! The entire staff are courteous and friendly. However, they are still very pr…. Since, I have adopted my older daughter Julia I have been sending her to Mercy.

They have trades in everything. I think it has potential,orginaztion…. This school teach high quality high academics , but the running around all through the school is not to good but furthermore this is a good school: Thank ypu, Roosevelt Middle School! It's going to be a bit hard to review the school, but I'll try, first of all the only piece of security in the entire school is one police officer.

I know it sounds fine but he is a rookie in training. The teachers, they obviously did not become licensed teachers. I have reason to believe the teachers here are not actual college graduates. Tell me, what kind of teachers don't know what the word " Counterfeit" means , yeah, there's that. When I went here, they didn't know and now my brother is asking what these words mean and they don't know.

I can't even tell you how many times i got sick because of the food , and the cafeteria workers, are the worst, this one guy who works here, he wasn't there when I went there, has been swearing at my brother, who is in third grade, I am ready to smack this guy,Ms August, a lunch lady, grips the kids up, which is illegal, and says " I'm telling the principal" she smacked me in the neck once, the principal is ignorant and has no idea how to run the school. The nurse, oh, the nurse , if you get into a fight, or get hurt, she will give you a ice pack She doesn't care about the safety of the kids, and is just looking for a paycheck, like every other teacher here.

The school is in poor condition, and seriously needs to be repaired, dog feces in the grass by the school, and the janitor, where the hell are you? Also, the school is mainly black, so bullying will be towards white kids. The teachers, the lunch ladies, even the principal, are clearly scared of the black parents, saying they don't care about bullying, they tell the kids to man up, I'm bleeding, and I get punished for getting jumped, after I get a ice pack of course. I went to the school from K to 5, so I think.

Well, hopefully , I made my point. I went to school here in and 89 The teachers there was very abusive. They used to slap and punch us in head.

I had a very bad experience going to school at this place. This has been the most horrifying disappointing experience!!!!!. No stars for staff instruction leadership or anything else.

Not only are the children bullys, but as we know they must learn it from somewhere.

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