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❶Page 3 comparitive shop - examples of the product on the market Your academic success and bright career start with us today!

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I analysed a product already on the market Page 6 On this page I evaluated the previous pages image board, comparitive shop, product analysis I did this on a grid Page 7 Fabric specification - the kind of fabric I will choose Page 8 Product specification- what i think my product will look like Page 8 Initial ideas for my product Page 9 Design ideas - ideas that my final product may be like I also evaluated each against my product and fabric specification and also specified where id got my inspiration from.

Page 10 Colour, shape, and pattern ways Page 14 Health safety and risk assesment Page 15 Fabric reseach Looked at different fabrics and fibre contents Page 16 Final design Page 17 Manufacturng specification I took photos and did a step by step Page 19 Environmental considerations Page 19 Fabric layout Page 19 Costings sheet Page 20 Production flow chart Page 21 Mass manufacture Page 22 User trials I evaluated with things like 'is it comfortable'.

Page 23 Production plan Page 24 Public survey of final item Page 25 Fabric tes t I did a crease test, shrinkage test, piling test, static test, and a dry test Page 26 Evaluation of product Page 27 Evaluation of whole folder Xx By the way, this is aqa. Follow 18 Follow 19 Follow 20 Original post by jams My textiles coursework is due in next week and I'm so stuck! Could you possibly tell me the sheets you had?

Year 9 options HELP!! Please help me pick my GCSEs! This forum is supported by: Can't stop stealing other girls' boyfriends. GF never initiates sex. Count to a million Part 31 Started by: Grow your Grades Replies: Million To Zero thread Started by: Investment banking and consultancy Replies: Any fabric can be the focus of textiles coursework.

Fabrics can be made from either synthetic or natural fibres. Some are a combination of both. Knitting, weaving, felting and bonding are all additional manufacturing techniques that could form the basis for written free response questions as part of textiles gcse coursework. Chemical processes are sometimes used to treat certain types of fabric.

Stain resistance, waterproofing and fireproofing are all different but equally important aspects of the industry that textile coursework revolves around. Therefore, instructors have a wide variety of different topics that they could assign written work on.

Like everything else, gcse textiles coursework is changing. Students who complete textile coursework assignments probably have different concerns then their parents did.

For instance, synthetic dyes and fibres are being produced at unprecedented rates. Price, Design, Comfort, Practicality. How much would you be willing to pay for night wear? Hope this helps xx. You could ask things like: Do you prefer your pyjamas to have buttons? What factors influence your choice of pyjamas? Related Questions Textiles coursework final piece?

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Apr 04,  · Ok well..I kind of need help with Textiles GCSE coursework. I have done quite a few pages but have quite a bit left. Has anyone done the GCSE and still has.

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Considering the history of the textile industry in Great Britain, it makes sense that there is a substantial amount of GCSE textiles coursework help.

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Considering the history of the textile industry in Great Britain, it makes sense that there is a substantial amount of GCSE textiles coursework tehnologii.gag a General Certificate of Secondary Education in the field can be rather exciting. Help with textiles coursework. admin Sep 6, Help with textiles coursework. Or more commonly known as the Cambridge A level, like attitude help with textiles coursework perceived behavioral control. And anyone interested in jewelry, and every story holds lessons. A component of trade is the social premium that buyers of fair trade goods.

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Sep 01,  · In textiles i am designing a pair of pyjamas. I have to produce a questionnaire to find out what my target market once. What questions can you ask about pyjamas, so far i have come up with 5, but now my minds blank, any ideas? For the bottoms which do you prefer? Shorts Trousers ¾ Length Other What top do you prefer?Status: Resolved. media coursework; textiles coursework. We will help you even with the most difficult topics. Authentic courseworks. We provide our clients with the best coursework writing service possible. So every work that you order is % authentic and unique. We first check it on the web and then on our own database.